My name is Tasha and I’m a middle-aged wife & mother. I was 25 when I was diagnosed with stage 2A Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2001. I was diagnosed with stage 3, HER2 positive, Breast Cancer in 2016. I was 39 years old. I am one of the lucky ones, the 1 in 9, to develop a second cancer in my lifetime. I added a special little sparkle by having two unrelated cancers under the age of forty. I have absolutely zero medical training. I have never worked in a medical environment. All I have are my own experiences. I just wanted a space to share, inform, and vent.

I’ve been a writer my whole life so creating a blog seemed a natural progression. My day-to-day thoughts are in “Blog.” The “HER2 Breast Cancer” and “Hodgkin’s Lymphoma” sections contain my experiences and general information about those specific cancers. The “Writing” section contains . . . wait for it . . . my writing! This is the place where everything that I am (and the crap I’ve dealt with) comes together.

3 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Woah! That’s a double whammy. I can’t even say that I imagine what it’s like battling with these but I know what it feels like watching loved ones (my dad, mother-in-law, and friend) battle the big C. Well done Tasha. Your experience will inspire others.


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