What Cancer Looks Like—Example #53,629

When my husband and I bought our house nearly 10 years ago, we were happy that the previous owners had invested some time into the landscaping. We have nice bushes, daffodils, and a variety of tulips in multicolored rock gardens. This means that we do not have to put a tremendous amount of work into … Continue reading What Cancer Looks Like—Example #53,629

Radiation Information (contains photos)

*Warning* This post contains pictures of my bare chest, although I did edit out the nipple to make it "work safe" for most. There is nothing salacious or lurid about the pictures. They are merely my medical experience. However, if you work for a church or a company with a zero tolerance policy, quit wasting … Continue reading Radiation Information (contains photos)

Can’t Help But Laugh: The giggle continues

There are two ways to look at this picture. Either it is a simple coat hook or it is a drunken octopus looking for a fight.  Unfortunately, I see this picture in a new light. When I look at it I also see my breasts.   While they are in the inflation stage, one will … Continue reading Can’t Help But Laugh: The giggle continues