I Said No Thank You

It’s weird. This time, it didn’t occur to me to worry. Last October, I was worried about a polyp.

I own a used bookstore. I’m surrounded by dust and mold all of the time. Of course, I am allergic to them both. I went through over 25 boxes of a collection. They had been stored for a long time. Of course, I had developed a cough. Still coughing days later, but include cold symptoms too, so antibiotics. They didn’t touch it. Allergies…chest x-ray…PET scan…bloodwork…sadly there’s no twist to this plot.

Last October, I was worried about a polyp.

I am stage IV cancer. It’s most likely breast cancer. Won’t know until after the biopsy on August 3rd. I have already started on Taxol. Next step to be determined. It’s reassuring that my doctor isn’t fucking around & is taking care of me quickly. It’s also awful that they have moved so much for me quickly. The quicker they move, usually the more time sensitive it is for life.

This sucks.

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