Radiation–Treatment 24 to 28

Today was my last day! Thank God! I am so done with all the different kinds of treatment. I have been dealing with some form of "getting well" all year long. Although I still have things left to do, Herceptin until January 20th and at least two surgeries, the brutal stuff is behind me. To … Continue reading Radiation–Treatment 24 to 28

The Effects Keep Coming

My last full chemo treatment was June 3rd. I still get Herceptin every three weeks to target the HER2 protein, but it doesn't carry the same dire warnings of potential side effects. I have hair now and my fatigue is nearly gone. However, some effects are still making themselves known. I have begun to notice … Continue reading The Effects Keep Coming

Radiation–Treatment 14 to 18

One more week down! I was reminded this week of how dangerous this radiation stuff really is for me. I was walking out of the radiation room on Monday and looked at the door separating me from the technicians. That is a thick freakin' door! It's about 8 inches (20 cm) thick. Now, this door … Continue reading Radiation–Treatment 14 to 18