Beginning of Hair Loss

I began losing my hair about two weeks after my first treatment. The problem with chemo hair loss is that it doesn’t just start to fall out—it waterfalls. As soon as it starts, it just comes pouring out of your head.

Don't go chasing falling hair

The first time I had chemo, I just took a razor to my head. It seemed easier for maintenance. Also, I looked like a kick-ass punk girl for a few. 🙂 Additionally, it allowed me, half-way through treatments, to let the kids in the family to relax and enjoy themselves with a little finger painting.

finger paint 3finger paint 2finger paint 1





This time, I wanted everything to be a little easier. The falling hair got on my nerves very quickly, so I decided to buy a pair of clippers and cut it really short.

haircut crop

The clippers were nice and inexpensive. By owning the clippers, I could go back over my hair as it was thinning and clip it ever shorter. That certainly made the clipper investment of $20 totally worth it. What I didn’t realize was that not all of the hair would abandon ship at the same rate. Thus, I had an unexpected surprise when I looked at my head in the mirror.

Moo, bitches! MOOOOOOO

Moo, bitches!

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