Third Treatment

Woot! Woot! Half-way point!

April 1 (I KNOW) we went in at 10:30 and I had my blood drawn. This time I saw the physician’s assistant. She let me know that I was still anemic, but improving. I wasn’t as tired as I had been, so I definitely knew my numbers were only going to get better. The visit was pretty short and I think it was because the clinic was unusually busy that day.

Normally, I wait maybe 10 minutes before being whisked away to the chemo area. This time, it was closer to 30 minutes and I wasn’t taken to the usual chemo places. We went into a room that was just a shade bigger than my living room. The room contained a hospital bed, 4 recliners for patients, 4 chairs for supporters, and a nurse’s station that consisted 4 cabinets & a laptop on a folding tray. There was a window, but it was way up high. There was a distinct jail vibe about the place. It felt like I was put into the Bad Patient Room.

I sat about 3 or 4 feet away from the other patients. I wanted to ask them, “What are you in for?” However, the whole thing was already too uncomfortable. Being so close made me feel as if I was eavesdropping on their treatment. I was just praying that we could all minimize any “business sharing”. I didn’t want to freak out people who may be having a really shitty day. I knew we’d all been shoved in this back corner because it was busy, but that didn’t make it less depressing. My husband left to get gas and something for us to eat. I decided to try to pass the time quickly by dozing off. It ended up being me just wishing to punt my brain out of the chemo-jail with my eyes closed for about an hour.

Shortly after my husband came back with food, another nurse walked in. She informed me that my current nurse would be leaving soon, so she was my new keeper. We grabbed my stuff and headed down the hall. (Walking with an IV stand makes me feel very Girl, Interrupted.) Yay! I was in the bigger, roomier, windows-across-the-whole-room room! Shortly after arriving, I was given my Benadryl, and promptly fell asleep. I did wake up twice because I was snoring. I need to tell my husband to hit me when I do that. I don’t want to end up in chemo-jail again.

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