Radiation–Treatment 11 to 13 with a Chemo too

I have had 13 radiation treatments so far. I have 15 more to go. The radiologist’s office gave me a “calendar” to mark treatments. I am marking on that thing like it is counting towards my birthday! It seemed more psychologically beneficial to countdown rather than up.


There are two reasons why I’m doing this update so close to the first one: a) I can now do one each weekend without having to weirdly count and b) this Friday I had both chemo and radiation.


Yep, I got to do both this week. Radiation is still pretty much the same as it was at my last report. My skin is slightly dark, irritated, and itchy, but not overwhelmingly so. While getting Herceptin isn’t nearly as bad full chemo, it isn’t fun either. I usually feel a little bloated and icky. As I told a friend afterward on Friday, between chemo and radiation, I felt like a balloon filled with dirty water.


But I’m playing it smart. I didn’t go into work, clean, or anything strenuous that day and I’m laying low pretty much the whole weekend. It is reading, writing, and football for me!

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