After Radiation: Week Two–Electric Boogaloo

This week was so much better. I finally feel a little like myself again. It’s like someone walked in and flipped a light switch.


I did lots of stuff this week! I cleaned my house a little. I cooked dinner. Twice. I drove—for the first time in a month—to the store. I met friends for dinner. I went into work for the first time in two weeks. I’ve done some work from home, but wasn’t able to have a physical presence in the store. I was there for four hours, came home, and then had to nap for two hours to recover.

Although, I am no longer using the Xeroform, I’m still using lotion like crazy. Thankfully, I don’t have any blisters or open sores anymore. My skin isn’t burnt except for some lightly crispy edges. The skin is a nearly normal, healthy pink. I was in the process of taking pictures when my husband decided to photobomb me. He’s so silly.


Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,


Here I am, stuck in the middle with you







I saw the doctor on Friday. He said that I am healing right on schedule. When we discussed how burned I was during radiation, he reiterated how it was due to the bolus. I already knew this, but my husband reminded me that I needed to put that on the blog. I mentioned this gel pad at the end of my first post about radiation. By bringing the radiation to the surface, it allows the radiation to hit the right tissues, but it does make the burns worse. Also, they only use this pad for those that have had a mastectomy and an expander installed.

I’m still feeling the fatigue, but overall I am much better. Just in time to be stuck in the house for winter. At least I’ll be able to help clean it. Ha!

And because I probably got the song stuck in your head, here’s the video. If you’ve never seen it, it’s pretty weird.

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