Reconstruction and Port Removal Surgery

Thursday, I had breast reconstruction-TE Removal with placement of permanent prosthesis and mastopexy. The nurse read the orders to me and she asked if that was what I was in for. My reply was a shrug and a, “Close enough.” In layman terms, I received my permanent saline boob and a reshape of the other one so they’ll match. I also had my port removed.

This time I was in a surgical center rather than a hospital. It’s a fully equipped, accredited facility. Doctors like these facilities because they cut some of the red-tape that hospitals have to follow due to the numerous and diverse patients hospitals see. I was completely comfortable going there. Although it is a little weird to have your surgery just down the hall and to the right of your doctor’s office.

puppy tilt


I was his first patient of the day, so everything was on time. I love that. When I had my mastectomy, it was hours behind schedule. I was supposed to have surgery that day at 11am, but we didn’t get back there until 3pm. Hell, this time I got out of surgery an hour earlier than estimated. And no drains!

Since Thursday afternoon, I’ve been lounging around, in and out of sleep. I have bits of gauze and tape all over my chest. I’m to stay bandaged until I see my doctor on Friday, so I don’t know what it really looks like yet. Looks like it should be even. I’m so happy the expander is gone!


I’m more sore than hurting. It’s a persistent ache across my chest. All of the tape is starting to drive me crazy too. It feels like a tag on a shirt irritating my skin, but it’s all across my chest. I’m lightly scratching around the tape. It’s not really helping. Wearing an ice pack sometimes helps. For at least a week, I’m not to lift more than 15 pounds, lift my arms up, or drive. And I can only sleep on my back. My cat has been hanging out with me on my chair. I’ll always appreciate the love. I only made him into a kitty burrito once. As you can see, he was really saddened by it.


One thing no one said anything about, and should have, is that my breasts are gurgling!

ice cube what

It can be for many different reasons–implant settling, pocket irrigation, post op drainage, etc. First time it happen, I was freaked out. I could feel it as well as hear it. I shouldn’t have had to google that. That shit should be on paperwork somewhere.

Another thing, about a day after surgery, I could feel myself wheezing when I was breathing. I wasn’t taking deep breaths and coughing hurt. I realized that I was potentially on my way to pneumonia. So I started taking about 10 or so deep breaths an hour, made my coughs productive, and I sat up a little more. I was already on a post surgery antibiotic. My breathing was fine a day later.

I’m going to take it easy the rest of this month. It’s not too hard to do so right now because I have Vicodin.

sleepy kitty.gif

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