Fourth Treatment

I had my 4th treatment on April 22, 2016. It was pretty much the same has it was last time. Get my blood drawn. See the nurse practitioner. Your iron is too low! Keep taking those supplements. Go get chemo. Chemo’s boring. Go home. Y’all have already heard this stuff before. So this post, I’m going to show off the actual place I get my chemo.

Although most people have known someone with cancer, few have actually been present during a chemotherapy session. As a result, many people have a cloud notion about what chemotherapy is. Meaning, it is a fuzzy image of IVs and hospital beds. It is a very shadowy, bleak place. There’s the light sounds of beeping machines and groaning, coughing patients. Thankfully, it is not that way at all. Although, to be honest, there can be some coughing and beeping.


Much of the place you’d recognize. The waiting room looks like every doctor’s office you’ve ever been in. Why are the chairs always green?



The chemo space is actually quite nice. It has plenty of windows. It has recliner chairs for the patients. Unfortunately, the chairs for the supporters aren’t as nice. But then again, they don’t have cancer. The glass gives a semblance of privacy. There are usually four to six of these “pods” per room.

Chemo room_chairs


Some of the chairs are pretty fancy. The last one I had a button for massage and another for heat. I didn’t like the massage. It was weird. I loved the heat though. I was cozy!

Chemo room_chair buttons


The nurses try to make it as pleasant as possible. People will bring in little things as decorations, like these sun activated dancers. When you’re hopped up on Benadryl, it looks pretty funny.

Chemo room_window fun


If the patient gets a little thirsty or hungry, they have a refrigerator with drinks and cabinets with snacks. The microwave is for rice heating pads.

Chemo room-cabinets

That is a quick tour of my chemo place. As you can see, while it is not exactly comfortable, it is far from bleak. Before I experienced it, I thought I’d get chemo in a hospital bed in a room by myself. I wa.s and am glad it was not like that

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