The Shower

I don’t have any hair right now. Well, I do, but it’s just a bit of fuzz. The last time I went through chemo, I shaved my head when the hair started to become sparse. When it grew back in, my hair did not seem as thick as it had been. I was not graced with that thick head of curly hair others raved about. This time around, my husband said, “Maybe it’ll come back differently if you don’t shave it.” I was good with that because a) I’m lazy and b) I didn’t want to have to shave my head AND my legs like I did last time. That was tedious. This time, the hair has stalled out on both my head and my legs. I’m not shaving my head and I only have to shave my legs every three weeks. It’s awesome!

Last week, my husband and I were getting ready for work at the same time. I told my husband to take the first shower because it takes me no time to get ready. He got in the shower and did his thing. When it was my turn, I jumped in, washed my hair and body, stood under the hot water for a moment, and then shut off the water. My husband yelled, “Only four minutes?” I yelled back, “I ran out of shit to do!”

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