Surgery Eve


My surgery is tomorrow. The doctor was able to get it pushed up a week. I’m not going to rehash what they’re going to do. I’ve already written about that here.  Although, I did find a nice breakdown of what to expect after surgery.

I’m going to be honest. I am totally nervous. For instance, I quit smoking quite awhile ago. Yet, I have never had such urges to smoke as I’ve had in the last month. There is such an irony to cancer making me want to smoke. It is certainly not something I feel all of the time so I’m not going to brag about resisting. I’m proud that the temptation has been fleeting, but I know it really is just a symptom of my inner panic.

Adventure time Panic

My panic

Really, I just don’t want the anesthesia to make me throw up. Also, I have no idea what kind of pain I’m in for. I’ll get through it, but I wanted to whine first.

4 thoughts on “Surgery Eve

  1. I work with your dad and I just want you to know that I have been praying and thinking of you often. You will rock this!!!


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