The Tissue Expander Situation

In my last post, I stated that the expander is not quite what I thought it would be. Here is a short video that illustrates what I mean:

For the most part, the fill-ups hadn’t been painful. They’d merely been sore. I’d pretty much stopped taking painkillers every day. If I felt the need, I’d take an ibuprofen. However, this last one hurt. A lot. I have spent the last three days on a combination of Vicodin, ibuprofen, and Valium for pain and muscle spasms.


Unfortunately, that means that I’ve spent a lot of time napping or lying there really sleepy just waiting for nap time. I’m still a little spacey, but it is finally starting to hurt less. Until it does stop hurting, I’m going to sit here and stare at Colin Firth. Join me if you wish.


You’re welcome

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