My Hair: Chapter Four

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Chapter Two here
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With all of the radiation stuff, I almost forgot to post a hair update. First, let’s all take a moment to mourn the fact that I’m back to shaving my legs. It was a nice break while it lasted.


I do not mourn for long because I have hair on my head! My kids & husband can’t stop petting it’s softness. Also. it looks like I chose this cut. Hair gel wouldn’t be totally pointless now. Not bad for five months!


Freshly toweled head results in stick-’em-up hair.



I’m rocking a Carol haircut. (Google Melissa McBride from Walking Dead if you don’t get the reference.) Mine is a whole lot darker and her hair is a lot longer, but I like the comparison so I’m sticking with it.



This is the first time I’ve been able to capture how dark my hair is currently. It’s curling cutely too. My hair was wavy when I was little, so we’ll have to see how it continues to grow.



This picture shows that, while my hair is dark brown, the silver is all over too. Like glitter!



The sun looked everywhere and chose to shine on me! I love this picture.

I am going to do an update this weekend on how I’m healing from radiation. It’s been a long week.

4 thoughts on “My Hair: Chapter Four

  1. Blessing, you will make it, your hair is looking good, hope it is curly for you.
    Have a nice weekend hopefully with not too much pain with those very painful looking breasts, we seen last week.


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