Chemo Brain

Chemo brain is more than just forgetting some stuff. It is a complicated mix of letters, images, and vapor.



Sometimes, you can picture the thing you’re trying to say. You know the color, size, and even the smell of it, but you can’t remember the name of the damn thing.



Other times, you’re talking, and it’s as if someone turned on a fan & blew all of the thoughts out of your head.



Your thoughts are a puppy let off the leash.

puppy run.gif


Your thoughts are Keyser Söze.



Your thoughts decide that they no longer wish to be your friend.



You fear that you’re the basis for all infomercial scenarios.



It takes you ten seconds to even realize someone was talking to you.



Sometimes your brain forgets to clue in your body with what it plans to do.



You’re embarrassed & angry a lot, and worry people will take it personally.



You try to be patient. You hope it is temporary. So, you focus on positive thoughts.


For now, you’ll be pretty easy to spot.



Then you can go back to being the bad ass force you’ve always been.



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