Let them eat cake

When I was in treatment, my husband and daughters had had to divide up my life and take a chunk. My oldest had already moved out, but worked with me. Thus, she took over assisting me at work. That stuck my husband and youngest with the house stuff. There was cleaning and cooking that had to be done and I couldn’t even help because I was so tired all of the time. My sister and mother had made us a meal on a couple of the nights that I had chemo. That made those nights so much easier.

With surgery looming, I knew that I would be even less helpful in the very near future. Early in my diagnosis, some people had offered to bring us meals—like my sister and mother had done. I didn’t want to approach them and say, “Hey, remember way back when you offered to do something for me . . .” Seemed kind of pleading/nagging/rude. The easiest solution was a website called Meal Train. It was designed as an easy way for friends and family to organize meals for those that are sick, have a new baby, just need a little extra help, etc. Everyone could pick a date that was the best for them, and Sean and the girls get a little break.

So I set up a page and shared it on my Facebook page. I expected a couple of people to help out. I was blown away by the response. We did not have to worry about dinner for two weeks after my surgery! And the food was delicious!

Meal train

We took a picture of each of the dinners people brought. Just looking at it makes me hungry.

I know that some people would say it is a testament to how much we are loved. However, I say it is a confirmation of how incredible the people are who helped out! Some I hadn’t seen in years (one as long as ten!) and one I had met only once in person a few years ago. They selflessly helped a family that was exhausted, shell-shocked, and low-spirited. Thank you again Nicole’, Ashley, Dori & Sarah, Lisa, Beth, Samantha, Shauna, Mandy, Dawn, Jennifer C-B, Jennifer & Nick, Jennifer S., and Laurie. I cannot tell you how much we appreciated it.

One thought on “Let them eat cake

  1. what a lovely post! The food looks delicious. You are certainly loved. You have abundance. You are abundance. A thousandfold. I hope you always remember and am sure you will! George


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