My Hair: Chapter Eight–One year post chemo hair growth

My Hair Chapter 1 was just about a year ago. Here is a summary of that post–this was what I considered hair at the time:




It is so very different now. Looking back, I’m feeling pretty satisfied.


GOT cersei smirk


Here are pictures of me now straight out of the shower. I towel dried and did not comb or brush my hair.





I let it air dry to display ALL of the natural curls. Again, I didn’t brush my hair.






It is a sea of bounce! I only have two phases right now. I either love it . . .


hair swag.gif


. . . or I hate it.




For reference of pre-second-chemo hair, this was a photo a friend took at a poetry reading in December 2014.


me december 2014


As you can see, my hair had a tad of curl/wave at the bottom, but this amount of curl is completely new to me. It’s in the too-early-for-a-haircut stage and not yet in that a-ponytail-is-a-hairstyle phase. I have a couple of cotton headbands, but those always slide up my skull and I hate that. I’m going to try to use bobby pins to keep them in place. Here’s to hoping I don’t end up looking like a porcupine!




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